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Building of the new fibre insulation board plant started

21th february the construction works for our new fibre insulation board factory in Küssnacht am Rigi startet officially.We expect the plant to go into operation in the summer of 2025.

We will produce fibre insulation boards exclusively from Swiss wood, which is unique in the country. Together with the associated wood-fired heating plant, this will enable us to cascade the use of wood throughout the company. We can also offer insulation based entirely on natural building materials that bind CO2. This is an important addition to Schilliger’s wide range of wood products and comprehensive customer service.


Quantum leap in panel assembly Quantum leap in panel assembly

ETH Zurich is currently working on the future of timber construction. Specifically, the idea is for robots to take over the assembly of large-format panels into complex structures. They relieve the woodworker of the heavy lifting and exact positioning of the individual panel parts and make complex substructures superfluous. Only the application of the butt joint bonding according to the new TS3 technology is left to the timber construction specialist.
In this way, around 300 complexly bonded Schilliger large-format panels were assembled into five oversized green shells. These form the 22.5-metre-high architectural sculpture “Semiramis”, which has been standing on the site of the newly emerging Tech Cluster in Zug since June this year. Semiramis was designed by Gramazio Kohler Reearch, ETH Zurich, in collaboration with Müller Illien Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG and Erne AG Holzbau as general contractors.
Semiramis is a collaborative work that is innovative in many respects. Not only the assembly, but also the planning was computer-controlled. This made it possible to optimise factors such as sun protection, rain protection and plantable area. In the process, the software ensured that the wooden panels remained flat, their size did not exceed the specified maximum value and the structural load-bearing capacity was given. The sophisticated multi-robot assembly process with the four robots cooperating with the help of artificial intelligence is unprecedented of its kind. All this makes Semiramis a lighthouse project in architectural research.

Photo 1: Multi-robot assembly process at ETH Zurich.
Photo 2: Erecting the sculpture
Photo 3: Shell of a shell
Photo 4: Planting of a bowl

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Production for CLT in France has started

The construction of buildings in timber construction is booming not only in Switzerland, but also in France and all over the world. In particular, multi-storey timber constructions are developping very positively. The demand for CLT large-format panels has increased accordingly. In order to satisfy this demand in France and  in the international export markets with domestic wood, Schilliger Holz AG has started in Volgelsheim with the production of CLT.

An edge gluing of all layers guarantees the well-known high quality standard already offered by the Swiss plant. In this way the CLT panels  are designed to meet high structural and esthetical requirements. The installation will be carried out in an existing hall in the plant on approx. 5000m2. The annual capacity in two-shift operation is designed für approximately 50 000m3 CLT.


Be cautious of criminals using our company name

We were informed that criminals are offering timber using our logo on their letter head, fake passport copy of our CEO and are communicating in WhatsApp or by a Gmail account in order to get down-payments. Please note that we do not use any other mail addresses than …@schilliger.ch, we do not communicate via WhatsApp. If in doubt: call us on our official phone number +41 41 854 08 00.


Schilliger Cross laminated timber for theatre Vidy

Engineers of wood construction laboratory EPFL Lausanne have developped in cooperation with Blumer Lehmann AG a new construction with cross laminated timber for Vidy theatre near Lausanne. The different elements have been composed without inset of metal. The panels are arranged in two layers. The engineers could leave the thickness of the panels on 45 Millimeters while the span of the coverage ist 16 to 20 Meters. Most of Cross laminated timber have been delivered by Schilliger enterprises.

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