Attention for fake offers

We were informed that criminals are sending offers under our name to timber traders. A well done fake passport copy included in the mail is tryin to “proof” that this fake offer was sent by the CEO. Please do not react to such offers. In case of doubts, contact us through our official mail address or by phone +41 41 854 08 00.



Schilliger Cross laminated timber for theatre Vidy

Engineers of wood construction laboratory EPFL Lausanne have developped in cooperation with Blumer Lehmann AG a new construction with cross laminated timber for Vidy theatre near Lausanne. The different elements have been composed without inset of metal. The panels are arranged in two layers. The engineers could leave the thickness of the panels on 45 Millimeters while the span of the coverage ist 16 to 20 Meters. Most of Cross laminated timber have been delivered by Schilliger enterprises.

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