1. Overview

The term Schilliger Holz refers to the economic entity comprising the following three separate legal entities: Schilliger Holz AG, Schilliger Holz-Industrie AG and Schilliger Holz Sägewerk AG. All the shares of these companies are in the hands of the members of the Schilliger family.

2. Main dates

1861 Purchase by Blasius Schilliger of the farm, the inn, the cider house and the sawmill.
1962 Total fire of sawmill and cider plant. Only the sawmill is rebuilt.
1969 Acquisition of the first profiling line (annual capacity of 40,000 m3)
1979 New multiple saw line on chassis, various investments
1988 Profiling line with stacking installation
1989 First production unit of glued wood, various investments
1995 Second planer and dryer n ° 8 (Vakuum)
1996 Second Glued Timber Production Unit, Dryer No. 9
1997 5MW boiler and dryer n ° 10
1998 Dryer n ° 11, cutting station, storage hall n ° 16
1999 Third Glued Timber Production Unit (CLT)
2000 Center for CNC-controlled panels
2000 Establishment of Schilliger Sägewerk AG and construction of the large wood sawmill in Perlen
2001 Commissioning of the large-scale sawmill
2002 Boiler room and dryers installed on the sawmill site
2003 Second production unit for multi-purpose building panels
2004 Silo for the storage of planing sawdust
2005 Production of the third performance level at Perlen
2006 Modification of the Haltikon profiling line, replacement of a planer, new gantry crane
2007 Replacement of the chassis multi-frame saw by a canter in Haltikon
2008 Creation of Schilliger Holz Luterbach AG and purchase of industrial land in Luterbach
2009 Creation of Schilliger Bois SAS and purchase of a sawmill in Volgelsheim (F)
2011 Jubilee of the 150th anniversary of Schilliger Holz AG
2013 Commissioning of the new cutting center
2016 Commissioning of the new sorting line, extension of the bonding line

2018 Commissioning of the new production unit for Glulam in Haltikon

2019 Commissioning of the new production unit for CLT in Haltikon


    Schilliger Holz AG

    Haltikon 33
    CH-6403 Küssnacht
    Phone +41 41 854 08 00